Sunday, May 13, 2007

Getting Creative with Chicken

For dinner tonight, I wanted to make chicken, but didn't feel like making any of our usuals. Since I'm feeling creative today, I decided to make my own recipe. I started throwing things together and created a recipe that is definitely going on my list of things to make again! This one got an enthusiastic "good job, dear" from Jon (that's a very good review :)

I did have a little cooking disaster in the process... We just opened a new jar of red pepper flakes. The jar we just finished had a twist off cap, so I'm used to just twisting off the cap and adding a few shakes through the holes in the bottle. However our new jar has a pop-top, not a twist off. I wasn't thinking and twisted off the top and started to shake when I realized that I dumped about 1/2 of the container of flakes into my sauce! I was able to get a lot of them out, but this dish was still super spicy! Luckily we like it spicy, but next time I'll only add about a half-teaspoon of flakes!

Creamy Tomato Chicken

4 thin sliced chicken breasts
3 cloves garlic
1 tsp flour
½ c chicken broth
¼ c light or heavy cream
1 oz cream cheese
4 oz tomato sauce (canned is fine)
½ tsp red pepper flakes
½ tsp oregano
1 tsp butter
½ c parmesan cheese
1 tsp capers

1. Melt butter in a pan; add chicken and cook until just done; move chicken to a baking dish and cover (keep drippings in the pan)
2. Add flour to the pan and stir until pasty
3. Add chicken broth and red pepper flakes, and minced garlic, simmer 1 min
4. Add cream cheese, cream, tomato sauce, most of the parmesan cheese, and oregano
5. Cook over medium-high heat until thick and bubbly, stirring almost constantly
6. Pour sauce over the chicken; top with capers and the rest of the parmesan cheese
7. Bake on 400 degrees for 10-15 min

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  1. ME-
    The creamy tomato chicken dish sounds delish!! I'll have to go shopping for capers and cream and leave out the pepper flakes since the kids aren't into spicy meals just yet but hubby and I will definitely add to our dish!!
    Thanks for sharing! If I create a dish wherein I can remember the ingredients, I'll share!!

  2. Yum! If it is half as good as cream cheese chicken DH is going to be excited!

  3. Looks yummy! It's always nice to see some new ideas with chicken. :)

  4. ME - you are a little cooking genious over there. I print up your recipes to use. I already have a whole binder of Mary Ellen's recipes!