Friday, September 18, 2009

Cheesesteak Omelet

Surprisingly, I had a small bowl of steak, peppers, and onions left after making Cheesesteaks this week. On our way to Vegas last month I enjoyed a cheesesteak omelet at the Philly airport, so I decided to make one for lunch with my leftovers.

  • 3 eggs, beaten with 1 tbsp half and half and seasoned with salt and pepper
  • Leftover steak, fried onions and peppers
  • 3 slices provolone cheese
  • Olive oil


  • Heat 1 tsp olive oil in an omelet pan; add steak, onions, and peppers. Saute until warm. Remove to a bowl and keep warm.
  • Wipe out pan and add 1 tsp olive oil over medium heat
  • Add eggs; move them around a bit with your spatula, and push the edges to form. Let it set for 2 minutes, and then swirl it, letting the still wet eggs run off to one side. Repeat this until you have a nicely cooked egg. If you need to or if you want to make sure both sides are fully cooked, carefully flip the egg over being careful not to break it. Having a good quality and well oiled omelet pan will make this easier.
  • Lay 1.5 slices of the provolone on half of the egg. Top with the steak/onion/pepper mixture. Top with the rest of the provolone, and fold the other half of the egg over to close it up.

What a delicious way to enjoy steak and eggs. Look at the fillings and oozy cheese as I cut into it:

This was so filling that Jon and I were able to split it. I think I might be adding cheesesteaks to our regular rotation just so I have an excuse to make this omelet again!

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