Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toddler Friendly: Risotto

When it comes right down to it, risotto is simply creamy rice. And no matter how many times you have heard Gordon Ramsey scream "Oh on, the rih-zot-o!!!" to the contestants on his show, it really is not that hard at all (I never understood why it causes so many issues on his show!). Some say it is time consuming - I don't think that's true either as it takes 30 minutes. But it is 30 minutes of constant attention, so it is not something you can walk away from - you have to commit to 30 minutes standing over the stove.

But the payoff is wonderful, and risotto is so versatile with an endless number of flavors and ingredients that can be used. And I promise that your kids will like it! They may even like the risotto balls (arancini) you can make with day-old leftover risotto!

The other day I made Chicken Cacciatore Risotto which is what our daughter is enjoying (devouring) here.

So give yourself 30 minutes and try out a recipe. I have a lot of ideas here - feel free to browse to find one that interests you. Happy stirring!!

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  1. When I first started blogging, on another server way back in 2007 I was on a risotto kick. I had been teaching classes on making it, so I had tons of recipes. A trick I learned from my days in professional kitchens is that you don't have to stir it that much, but it does need attention. You can add more liquid at at time, but do it it stages, of course. I love it but tend to hate it out as almost every restuarant so under cooks it that it's like biting into little chalk beads. I think chef's underestimate and lie about the al dente part. Some bite but never raw grains. I'll have to make it again sometime, perhaps my little guy will enjoy it as much as your wee one!

  2. Good idea - I bet my 18-month old son would love to try this. And that is hiliarious about Gordon Ramsay...it's always the risotto or the wellington...Donkey! ;)

  3. My little guy likes risotto too. I agree with... not that hard to make.