Monday, June 11, 2007

Chanterelle Mushroom Risotto

I seem to make risotto on a weekly basis so I'm always looking for different flavors and textures to add. Last night I made a very woody/earthy risotto by adding dried chanterelle mushrooms. Here is what I did:

- Pour 1 large can of chicken broth into a pot; add mushrooms (I used 1 package but 1/2 of a package would have been fine too). Heat for about 10 minutes. Remove the mushrooms with a slotted spoon and chop (the size is up to you).
- Then I started the risotto - melt butter in a pan, add 1/2 chopped shallot and 4 cloves minced garlic.
- Add rice, stir to coat. At this point I usually add 1/4 c white wine but I didn't have any open and wasn't in the mood to drink white tonight, so I just skipped it. It really didn't make a difference.
- Add chicken broth 1 ladle at a time, letting liquid absorb before adding more. I added the mushrooms with the first ladle of broth.
- At the end, add freshly grated cheese. I used pecorino romano, but Parmesan would work well too.

I loved it, Jon didn't, so I'll be making this one for myself when he's on the road! Sorry, no pics this time.

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